Wild Wild West


ANL Presents:   A 30 minute film on Rancho Migrino, Todos Santos and Pescadero. The history, the real estate, the nature, the culture, the lifestyle, the experience.

In the mid 1800's the United States frontier moved west. Gold Rushers scoured the state and soon lawlessness dominated the landscape. The cowboy outlaws of the Wild West characterized California for decades. A grab for land, for wealth, and for outlaw justice ruled.

California's population exploded, the rule of law, bureaucracy and politics seized the state.

By 2010, any vestige of the old West was relegated to films and museums.

Except one.

South of the United States Mexico border a stretch of California, equal in length to the U.S. State of California, remained free of all that civilization had to offer. American, Californian, and Wild. Lawless, ungoverned, land -- the best land imaginable bordered by the Sea of Cortez to the East and the Pacific to the West.

This beautiful untamed desert, surrounded by rich deep blue waters and saturated with warm sun, thrives as the last of survivor of California's early pioneer days.

Today's travelers almost always arrive by plane or ship to Cabo San Lucas, though it is very possible to drive from San Diego to Cabo and witness first hand the unparalleled spectacular scenery.

Arriving at San Jose del Cabo International Airport, hardly reminds anyone of anything other than modern day California. The drive along 'The Corridor' is more like driving through an upscale San Diego resort area than anything else.

However, after enjoying the last bits of American civilization, the traveler meets head on with California's untamed unpopulated beauty, where desert crashes into the surf. The police are just as likely to rob you as help you. Everything is done and had for a price. Taxes are nil, regulations are nil, justice is meted out by 'law' enforcement, an essentially lawless frontier in all it's native glory!

Here, 30 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, at Rancho Migrino, an early pioneer settler and land baron, by the name of ............ has built a home and soon a town......